Bombardier Recommends Grounding Aircraft


Canadian aircraft maker Bombardier is "highly recommending" that Q-400 turboprop planes that have made at least 10,000 flights be grounded for inspection after two emergency landings in northern Europe, Scandinavian Airlines said Wednesday.

The announcement came after a Scandinavian Airlines turboprop with 48 passengers made an emergency landing Wednesday in Lithuania with a landing gear problem.

That incident came three days after another of the airline's Q-400 planes crashed in Denmark when its landing gear collapsed during touchdown.

No one was seriously injured in the accidents.

Bombardier is in the process of developing an inspection program, the airline -- also known as SAS -- said in a statement.

"As a precautionary measure, Bombardier is highly recommending that all aircraft worldwide of this type with 10,000 landing gear cycles or more will be grounded until the recommended inspection is carried out," the statement said.

A landing gear cycle includes one takeoff and one landing, SAS spokeswoman Elisabeth Manzi said.

SAS immediately grounded its fleet of turboprops and canceled more than 100 flights Wednesday.

It was not immediately known how many passengers would be affected by the grounding.

"A lot of people have to be rebooked since a lot of flights will be canceled," she said.