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Are You Diversified?


No matter what Bernanke says at the Fed meeting next Tuesday – or whatever happens between now and then – the only way to be prepared is to be diversified.

Apple, Research in Motion and Level 3 are all tech, Cramer said, therefore Jesse is not protected. Cramer thinks Apple and Research in Motion are both going higher, although he prefers AAPL over RIMM.

Helen’s got a telco, a transport, a food company, an aerospace and a drug company. “What’s not to like?” Cramer said. “Well played.”

This is a risky but diversified portfolio, Cramer said. Randy has some “pretty good names” and is spread out among infrastructure, trains, banks, power and a high-growth tech company in VMware. Cramer called it "perfect.”

Am I Diversified?

Jim's charitable trust owns Goldman Sachs.

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