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Lamborghini Ride: Was I Reckless? You Weigh In!

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Well, I asked and you told me. Yes, some of you do think I was reckless to drive a Lamborghini 150 mph while in Italy. However, others told me it's hard not to air out a lambo when you get the chance, so don't worry about it.

Mike e-mailed: "Yes it was stupid, yes it was reckless, but I guarantee it was fun right? ..... Anyone who has ever gotten the chance to drive fast in an Italian exotic (1980 Ferrari 360 for me) will take it as fast as they can, and have a blast doing it."

Jay had a similar thought e-mailing: "If you were out on a straight lonely stretch of road in the country you were within your rights to test the vehicle and possibly get a ticket or possibly kill yourself. If you were on a road with other traffic, or less than one-half mile visibility at all times then you were being a reckless maniac, taking a chance of hurting someone other than yourself, and should probably be working for government, Wall Street or the Fed in a high level capacity."

Peter in NYC says I should forget the critics writing, "You know the old adage, you cannot please all of the people all of the time. You are just doing your job,...."

Jord agreed e-mailing: "Don't listen to these idiots scolding you for driving fast. I don't believe in speed limits. I believe we should all be able to drive as fast as we want wherever we want. A high performance car was designed and built to be driven fast and hard, not slow, as in 55-65 mph. I'm so jealous of your chance to drive a Lambo. I would driven that thing fast too! It should be up to everyone else to get out of our way if they don't want to drive as fast as we do or do not have a car that can drive as fast as we do."

Finally one blogger summed it in the most concise fashion one viewer wrote: "Phil, "Rest easy, 'You're NOT reckless!'.'

Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep my foot off the gas pedal this weekend,...and you do the same thing. Unless, of course, you are test driving a Lamborghini in Italy.

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