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O.J. Simpson Memorabilia: What's It Worth Now?


So the media has spent countless hours talking about O.J. Simpson's latest--potentially being the ringleader in an armed robbery that involved taking items from a sports memorabilia store in Las Vegas. But I still haven't seen a complete list of what he stole. You see, I'm trying to figure out just how great these items were because they'd have to be pretty awesome.

Here's what we know so far from media reports: A signed photo of Simpson and the late FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover, footballs and photographs signed by Simpson, photos of his children, baseballs signed by Duke Snider and Pete Rose, a set of cleats worn by Joe Montana, his Hall of Fame certificate and--according to the New York Post--the suit he wore when he was found not guilty of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The only thing that is one-of-a-kind is that suit. Its probably one of the best items that I've heard of short of Al Cowlings White Bronco (a.k.a. "The Getaway Car"), which Cowlings sold to one of his buddies for $75,000. That suit could be worth six figures, but everything else that has been published is not unique enough to matter.

OJ's Assets

So will O.J. stuff go up or down in value, especially if he goes to jail? Early indications say that more O.J. items will be sold (this past week, 302 items were sold on eBay compared to 106 the week before and 40 the week before that), but that the average price of the item will stay about the same (the $16 range on eBay).

I predict his signed items won't skyrocket like they did during the trial. He has simply signed too much in recent years and the novelty of having something O.J. has faded. That being said, if you are holding on to a good piece of trial memorabilia, you might want to get ready to sell it sometime soon now that he's relevant again, or wait until the trial's 20th or 25th anniversary.

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