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Time To Lose All Those Boring Trophies!


At the end of every golf and tennis tournament, the champion gets a trophy. Unless it's the grand slams, these trophies don't have any tradition. So it's a clean slate: do anything you want, but make sure it's something that gets attention for the big sponsor. And yet, the directors--head honchos, or whatever they are called--of these tournaments all do the same thing: Boring, we've-seen-it-before designs. It's a big cup. A big plate. A big golf ball. You get my drift. Nothing special.

Do me favor, people, do something that's not in the trophy catalog. If you do that, you will get attention. Take, for example, the people at the Longs Drugs Challenge. Christie Kerr won the tournament for her first LPGA Tour win and she didn't care what it looked like. But because we all did, I bet more people googled "Longs Drugs" than watched the event itself.

Longs Drugs Challenge Trophy

Which brings me to the folks at FedEx . You're giving away $10 million. Who knows how much you've forked over to have your name all over the PGA Tour's first playoff. And you do a boring trophy like this:

Fedex Cup Trophy

Believe me, Tiger Woods doesn't care if it's a little bit risky. The guy has enough trophies. So why not do something that will get further attention. Why not bronze a FedEx package?

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