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Chrysler's Press on "the Home Team"

Jim Press

Chrysler's newest hire, and new head of sales and marketing, Jim Press, says he's "on the home team" and ready to grow the struggling American automaker. But as I listened to the first public comments from Jim Press, I kept asking myself, "how exactly will this man revive Chrysler?" For now, that is still unclear.

I have to be honest, when I heard that Press would be a guest on WJR Radio in Detroit, I figured he would give host Paul W. Smith plenty of the Press charm, and few concrete details about what it will take to bring Chrysler back. I was right.

Smith asked him some pointed questions, but Press gave us few specifics about what he will do. And to be fair, the man has been on the job for just 4 days, so he's still getting settled. One thing that did come through during the interview is the fact Cerberus is very serious about re-building Chrysler.

Press has yet to meet with Chrysler's dealers which will be the one area where he can make the most immediate impact. Chrysler dealers I've talked with in recent months have been fed up with their treatment by management. If Press can get them on board, they could be a huge factor in helping boost sales.

I'm not sure how Press will do that, but I wouldn't bet against him. Over the next two months we'll likely hear his game plan, but for now, we will have to settle for Jim Press proclaiming he's glad to be on the "home team."

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