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Mad Mail: Did Brother Bernanke Save the Frat Party?


Dear Jim: I Love You! You are the MAN! The hottest man on the planet! What a beautiful day with these awesome rate cuts from "blessed Ben"! My Cramer-inspired portfolio got a lovely lift yesterday! Thank you! We won! This bullish blonde is doing a touchdown dance right now! My sister is having a baby right now so I had better get my 'astronaut' to the hospital or my family will send me to "Wall Street Addicts Anonymous." I am going to offer her and her husband that I will pay for the baby's college education if they name him James. --Maria

Cramer says: “Maria, thank you very much and best wishes to your sister…”


Dear Jim: It’s 4 a.m. at the Mu Beta Sigma fraternity house and the brothers have been partying all night. Brother Countrywide has been puking off the balcony and Brothers Hovnanian , Beazer and a few others are passed out in chairs in the basement. The bar ran dry a little while ago, but Brothers Lehman and Goldman rallied their roommates and they have been franticly collecting the half-empty drinks and pouring them into a bucket to be shared among those still standing and any late guests that happen by. Suddenly, out of the darkness, comes Brother Bernanke bearing a fresh half-keg. Can the party possibly be saved??? --John

Cramer’s Mad Mail

Cramer says: “John, my advice to you: stop drinking…”



Dear Jim: In doing my regular homework this morning, I see that Cisco has purchased the private wireless company Cognio. Cognio's specialty further strengthens CSCO Wi-Fi product offering. Are all Wi-Fi companies headed down the bandwidth road such that Level 3 is soon to experience explosive revenue and profit growth? --Brian

Cramer says: “I hope so. Remember, LVLT has stalled here because we are waiting for [CEO] Jim Crow to come back to work after some surgery. Let’s wish him and his family well, too.”

Dear Jim: Here's an "off the cuff" observation. You are always rolling up your sleeves. Ever think of just wearing short-sleeve shirts? --Bill

Cramer says: “Yeah, and a pocket protector, you joker!”

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