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Jim Cramer Is Cooler Than I Am

Eric Kuhn

By Eric Kuhn

It is the pause and then the snap that Jim Cramer seems to like in the song "Buy U a Drank" by T-Pain. I found this out while interviewing him, on the set of Mad Money's College Tour at the University of Southern California (fight on!), for the school's entertainment television show TAKE 5.

I began the interview by asking Professor Cramer why he was talking to a college audience. He told me that his television viewer's average age was 28 years old (Cramer is over 50). But if he was so hip and cool, why wasn't he on Facebook? Answer: He was on too many other websites. OK, fine!

After several questions about the economy, my executive producer, Justin Mandel, wanted to see if Cramer could predict, instead of stocks, the success of the new upcoming television shows. I debated back and forth if we should do this. After all, Cramer knows daily stock prices by heart, so he probably does not have time to follow TV shows as well. But I decided to go with it, throwing a few show names at him. He knew all of them and gave smart-sounding predictions. This guy rocks! 

Now, there was no going back to questions about sub-prime mortgages. I asked him about Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert and other pop-culture icons. He was right there dishing about what he thought (something about Hilton's eye).  How many other 50+ year-olds even know the difference between Paris and Lindsey?

Finally, I had one more question: "What was the last song you downloaded onto your iPod?"

Answer: "Buy U a Drank."

Huh? Is that a joke?

This 20-year-old was surprised. I had never heard of it (although, for the record, it seemed like all my other friends had). What song? Jim, are you serious?! Can you sing it for us?

And off he went, re-enacting the music video! Snapping, singing and dancing, he was just into this T-Pain song as any stock pick. I knew, right then, why his average viewer's age was so young. He was one of us – a kid at heart, in mind and in music. 

You can bet that the last song I downloaded was "Buy U a Drank." Thanks, Cramer, for the tip.

The entire interview will air on Sept. 21, 5 p.m. & 8 p.m. PST. Stream it live here, but check out the promo (yes, he sings) here.

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