"No" Is Not an Option

Ever been rejected, told it would never work, or just that you weren’t qualified?  Friday night on THE BIG IDEA, meet the players in business who refused to take “no” for an answer and are now making millions!


Cordia Harrington is founder and CEO of the Tennessee Bun Company decided to take on the big boys…McDonald’s.  Her company now supplies the buns for over 600 McDonald’s fast food chains. 

If that’s not enough inspiration to get you going, then maybe the co-founder of Terra Chips will do the trick!  Dana Sinkler was working in a top New York City restaurant when he and another chef decided to go off on their own and form a catering company.  One of the foods they developed later became the multi-million dollar Terra Chip.  All that just by saying those three magic words…”I’m Outta Here!”   


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