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Berkshire Hathaway Buys a Few More Burlington Northern Shares


Warren Buffett's Burlington Northern increased its stake in freight railroad Burlington Northern Santa Fe again .. but not by much.  That is, if you consider a half-million dollars to be not that much, and when you're talking about Warren Buffett, I suppose it really isn't.

In the latest in a series of filings with SEC, Berkshire says tonight (Monday night) that last Thursday it acquired 6,000 Burlington Northern shares at a price of $79.97 per share. That's a mere $479,820.  The acquisition increases the size of its holdings by 0.01% to 52,981,000 shares (about 15% of the outstanding shares.)

If you're just joining us, Berkshire also has options that, if exercised, would put its Burlington Northern stake at 17% and has told the railroad it might go for a stake of 25% or more.

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