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Mad Mail: Day of Atonement?

Mad Mail

Dear Jim: I enjoy your show and have read your books, but I believe that most who watch your show and attempt to follow your advice end up losing money. I was shocked that last night you claimed to have been behind Goldman Sachs all along when only a few weeks ago during the panic you were advising your viewers to sell all brokers. I disregarded your advice and bought some GS at $165. That may be the only time I have made money this year having lost a lot on stocks like NYSE Euronext , Sears Holdings , Level 3 Communications . Your staff likes to filter the mail and calls to project a very positive image good for ratings, but I am sure you are smart enough to know this is not reality. --Brian

Cramer:“Brian… if there is anyone who beats himself up more than I [do] on TV, let me know.” Cramer said, “My losses kill me,” especially in stocks like NYX and SHLD, which are owned for charity. But Cramer contends that he has never wavered on Goldman Sachs. He said he was right when he called on people to get out of the brokers during the panic this summer, but he stayed with GS all the way down and never wavered. “I know that and so does [Goldman Sachs CEO] Lloyd Blankfein.”

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