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Stop Trading!: There's Growth in Tech


There are inexpensive growth stocks in the market, Cramer said on Stop Trading! Monday. Just look at his "Four Horsemen of Tech."

Detractors say that Apple faces immense competition in Europe, which could negatively affect the iPhone and the stock, but AT&T Chief Financial Officer Richard Lindner told Cramer Sept. 19 that the price cuts on Apple's handheld caused a "dramatic increase" in sales. The CFO wouldn't come on Mad Money and lie, Cramer said.

Jim Cramer's Stop Trading!

Then there's talk that advertising will take a hit because of the subprime meltdown, and that could cut into Google revenues. Not so, said Cramer. Google is more a direct-mail play, which has historically gone up during a slowdown. Cramer expects GOOG to take 10% of the $600 billion spent on advertising.

As for Research in Motion, Cramer said the company will "blow away the numbers," sending the stock higher.

And lastly, retailers might not be expecting a good holiday season, but Amazon can. The higher gas and taxes climb, the better for the online outlet, Cramer said.

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