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On the Line: Airgas CEO Peter McCausland


On Mad Money, Cramer is always on the hunt for stocks that prove they can consistently win. One such stock has been Airgas, an industrial chemical company that has been a “remarkable performer” since Cramer has backed it. To see if it can continue, he spoke to CEO Peter McCausland.

Airgas CEO

Airgas has a strong strategy of making acquisitions, McCausland said. The company has made 350 acquisitions to date – including 13 during the 2007 fiscal year, which added $335 million in revenue. Acquisitions are a “core competency at Airgas,” McCausland said.

He added that his ambitious goals of adding $5 billion in revenues by 2011 and having operating margins of 13% include an assumption of up to $150 million in acquired sales per year. The strategy of acquisitions helps Airgas “get on base any way we can,” McCausland said, and gives the company “a lot of opportunities to win.”

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