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See What People Are Saying On Sept. 25th


I do not agree at all with the UAW strike against General Motors.  I have been selling General Motors vehicles for almost 8 years and I truly believe in the company and their product.  I can actually say I am proud to sell the product that I do.  I am not proud of UAW workers who walk out on a job because they haven't received what they "think" they are entitled to.  

-- Debby S.

Let’s get real, unions have out lived their usefulness.  They hurt Americans because we can’t compete.  Once again they cry for more and do less....Workers of today have many avenues for legal help if they are in any way being suppressed or any number of other grievances. 

-- Butch from Arizona

First off you have the best show on CNBC. I have been watching since the first show. I have actually made over 17,000 on some of the information. Guy Adami you are the best. If the show were a fantasy football team you would be drafted #1. Dylan as commissioner/ Love ya.. I would even kiss ya.

-- Vinnie from Massachusetts

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