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The Halo Effect


On Tuesday Microsoft (MSFT) will release the highly anticipated Halo 3 in what’s predicted to be the biggest opening for an entertainment product ever. The software giant hopes Halo 3 will reverse 6 years of losses in its video game business. In Face 2 Face, hear from a video game expert who's among the very few to already have played this game.

Aaron Martinez joins the panel for this conversation. Not only is Aaron an avid video gamer, he also is the Halo 3 expert for the popular video game blog Aaron has been covering the Halo 3 story since the announcement of its release and managed to get a sneak peak and play the game.

Face 2 Face

You’ve played the game. What do you think?

This game is getting a ridiculous amount of hype, says Martinez. And it deserves the praise it’s getting. It takes everything that was great about the last two and improves upon that. If there’s anything that can help Microsoft turn the corner in the video game business it’s Halo 3, says Martinez.

How come?

The controls are so well set up you don’t have to be a first person shooter fan to get this game.You can sit down at the controls and have fun immediately. And there’s enough depth to it, that it’s being used on the pro-circuit. It’s had over 1 million pre-orders which speaks to how huge this game will be.

What’s the trade?

Pete Najarian tell the panel Microsoft (MSFT) is a buy.

Jeff Macke says other plays are Gamestop (GME) and Activision (ATVI). He also recommends selling Sony (SNE) as a console maker, because he feels Halo 3 will be the final nail in that coffin.

Face 2 Face

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