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Big 3 Automakers: Which One Will Turn It Around?

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On a regular basis, I get some variation of this question: Which one of the Big 3 has the best shot at picking up market share and giving Toyota   and Honda  a run for their money. In other words, which one of Detroit's automakers has the pipeline of cars, trucks and SUV's to become the "hot" brand?

I bring this up since the latest UAW contract gives us a glimpse into General Motors' product plan for various plants over the next 3 years. For example, according to the UAW contract GM plans to build it's Chevy Volt at its Hamtramck plant just outside Detroit. The new contract gives other indications as well. Now, whether or not all the plans actually produce "winners" remains to be seen. After all, there have been so many models introduced in the last 10 years that were expected to be huge success' that actually would up being also-runs.

So I'm putting this out to you. Which American brand do you think has the most potential? Is it Jeep, which has great brand recognition? What about Pontiac, which many believe has under-appreciated sporty cars. Could Ford  be ready to ride high again thanks to the Flex and other crossovers in the pipeline?

Let me know what you think at Later this week I will let you know you've said.

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