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Fast Money

See What People Are Saying On Oct. 1st


Woo-hoo!!!  I really LOVE the new hours you're going to have! Of course, airing during extended hours is gonna wreak havoc with the market, but hey, why not???  Everyone else does it...

-- Esther L. from  Oregon


Love  the show. Besides imparting information, it is fun, a breath of fresh air. I am glad you will be coming on at an earlier hour. Am I correct; will it be 5:00 P.M. Eastern time?

-- Lillian P from Nevada


You've got it!  As of October 10th Fast Money can be seen at 5:00pm ET and 8:00pm ET. I think in Las Vegas it will be 2:00pm PT and 5:00pm PT.

-- Lee Brodie

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