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Overlooked IPOs


Overlooked IPOs are one of the best ways to find growth even after the Dow has moved past 14,000, Cramer said.

Cramer on Dolan Media

The Street missed some great stocks that came public in July and August. Of course, with the misery that was the markets at the time, who could blame them? But that just presents investors with a chance to make some money now.

Dolan Media hit the market on Aug. 2. Its main business is business-journal publishing, but its Professional Services division processes mortgage defaults. Cramer expects this to continue to be a good business even though the Fed blinked and cut rates earlier this month.

Despite a rocky market, Dolan has still moved from $17 and change to $24 in two short months. Cramer expects things to continue. Even if they don’t, though, investors still get a great, “if twisted,” business in processing mortgage defaults.

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