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See What People Are Saying On Oct. 3rd


Hello Readers. Following is an e-mail that I received from "Paul" -- in a nutshell, it's a list of constructive criticisms that seems sincere and well intended, at least to me. Now, I might be opening a Pandora's box, but take a read and tell me what you think!

-- Lee Brodie


Following is a letter from Paul titled "Some Show Suggestions From Hollywood"


Can you please please get over yourself with the boyish cuteness ? It is really wearing thin, spanning the gamut from merely annoying all the way to hurl inducing. And can you stop with the pregnant pauses. Please.

Jeff Macke

I find all you say very interesting, but can you please stop the screaming? Every time you start speaking I have to adjust my TV sound to protect my ears.


Karen is getting shorted on air time due to often being outshouted, overrun, and squelched. She is too classy to complain about it, I think. Dylan also needs to restrain himself from patronizing comments re Karen. Karen is a super trader and I would love to hear much much more from her!!


Way way overused phrases I never ever wish to hear again:

         "...Pounding the table...", "Exploding".

Enough already!


I really liked the Charting Week, and would suggest having a lot more charting and tech analysis on the show.

These are meant to be constructive comments - as I am a big big fan of the show. Keep up the good work!

-- Paul from Hollywood

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