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A Gift Card For Flu Shots? Novartis Has 'Em
Novartis, the newest entrant in the flu vaccine market, is trying to give its sales a shot in the arm through the use of flu-shot gift cards, and a recent study is certainly bolstering that effort.

The New England Journal of Medicine reports that annual flu shots are dramatically effective in reducing winter deaths among people over 65. Earlier studies, however, including one released last week, found the annual shots did not appreciably reduce hospitalizations and deaths among elderly Americans.

The card secures an flu vaccination for the card recipient to redeem during the flu season.
Card holders can visit one of the designated community pharmacies to receive their
shot. The cards can be purchased at participating community pharmacies.

Novartis Vaccines, a division of Novartis, is the fifth-largest vaccines manufacturer in the world, and the second-largest supplier of flu vaccines in the U.S.