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Anti-Isiah Thomas Popcorn: Want Some?


Those of you who know me know that I'm a big fan of negative campaigning. That's why I can't resist talking about the guys at popcorn company T.T. Buds. It's a Boston-based company founded last year by two former Red Sox employees named Tim and Tom.

They told me today that they are "rolling out a guerilla effort to take on the popcorn's goliath," Dale & Thomas' Popcorn and Popcorn, Indiana, which of course is owned in part by Isiah Thomas. Yesterday, I talked about how little Thomas was featured on the company Web site. Well, the guys at T.T. Buds are looking to take advantage of Thomas being held liable for sexual harassment earlier this week. Check out the campaign's tagline:

Very clever. What that's worth I'm not sure. The company has also debuted a Web siteasking fans to unseat Thomas as the spokesman for the Popcorn Board's National Poppin' Popcorn Month (this month). A person who answered the phone with the Popcorn Board said that Thomas was once the spokesman, but was not put in that role this year.

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