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New Jobs for 2020: Want To Be An Unrealtor?

Forget "computer programmer;" take a look at some of the future job possibilities that may emerge in the next decade. This from ChangeWaves, published by futurist research firm Social Technologies.

1. Realizer-Creates real versions of virtual objects, from grog tankards to sports cars.

2. E-scrubber-Undoes or minimizes the indiscretions people accumulate on the Web.

3. Unrealtor-Creates virtual tourism, adventure, and retail destinations.

4. Nano-decontaminator-Cleans up nanomaterials that spread through the environment.

5. Deceptionist-Provides tech-enabled deception services for those wishing to disguise their activities.

6. Genetic dietician-Creates diets tailored to people's individual genetic makeup.

7. Geoscaper-Makes corporate and private properties look attractive in Google Earth-style aerial views.

8. Unplugger-Counselor who helps wean people from excessive technology use.

9. Eye pilot-Remotely controls small, camera-equipped aerial vehicles over war zones and other locations for news services, companies, etc.

10. Sexbot controller-Many things can be done remotely. Not for the squeamish.

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