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See What People Are Saying On Oct. 4


Hi Everyone -

As you might remember yesterday I published comments from "Paul" who sent me a list of constructive criticisms for Dylan and the gang. Well, now it's your turn. Following are some of your responses!

-- Lee Brodie


I agree wholeheartedly with Paul.  I also feel the guys to talk a little less fast.  And, I too am a big fan of Fast Money and watch it every night.

-- Catherine from Virginia


In response to Paul's "constructive" criticism... I started watching Fast Money about 2 weeks ago. I had never seen the show I'm an addict. Contrary to Paul's statements, I think that the Fast Money Team is SUPERB! Their different backgrounds and personalities make the show completely unique from EVERY OTHER SHOW! It's not very often that you can learn so much about investing while laughing at the same time.

I think that the shouting, jokes and light-heartedness of Fast Money is refreshing and makes investing more fun.

-- Devan M.


Macke loud? Dude, that's nuts. Macke is the quietest, least intrusive (and smartest) guy on the desk. Totally agree Karen is great. I also think she holds her own quite well, thank you very much.

Overused, I'll tell you what's Monster rally, monster volume. Monster cheese. Really Pete, let up on the self-promotion. Your option comments are valuable, so giddyap and get over the monster thing.

-- Deborah D.


In case you missed Paul's comments I've included a link to that post. It's below.

> See What People Are Saying On Oct. 3rd

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