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Karen Finerman

On September 25, Karen recommended Centex (CTX), saying it would be “at the top of my list” for a short-term trade because it didn’t have a lot of debt.

The Chairwoman built up a homebuilder trade just as housing stocks recovered this week. Centex surged 7% since the call.

Jeff Macke

On September 25, Jeff hit the reset button on not one, but two videogame trades: Electronic Arts (ERTS) and Activision (ATVI). “I’m going mainstream with the games,” he said.

The Lone Wolf’s call racked up thumb-numbing gains as excitement over Microsoft’s (MSFT) Halo 3 injected new life into the gaming trade.

Tim Seymour

Back on August 6, Tim expressed his love for one particular emerging market – Brazil, saying it “should be getting an upgrade in this environment.”

The Ambassador went down south to find a trade and his profits headed North. The Brazil ETF (EWZ) soared more than 20% since the call as emerging markets emerged from their summer doldrums.

Pete Najarian

On September 12, Pete called out Manitowoc (MTW), predicting the company would see strength in its Asian market. “I think things really do look very, very strong in the future,” he said.

The Pit Boss reeled in a global growth construction trade as – sure enough – demand from China as well as Dubai and other foreign hotspots have soared. Shares of the crane company ratcheted up a 21% gain since his call.

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Macke Owned (ATVI) On 9/10/07

Seymour Owned (EWZ), (ITU) On 8/6/07