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Mad Mail: Why Is Boeing Down?


Hey Cramer: What's up with Boeing ? In the news today is a report that Boeing won a U.K. military contract worth $122 billion, and the stock gets taken down a few dollars. Very odd, especially when the rest of the market goes up. --Matt

Cramer says: “A lot of times when you see a stock down $2 on an up date, there will be some research firm that said something negative. I like Boeing very much. Am I saying ignore the Lehman downgrade? Yeah, I actually am.”


Mad Mail

Dear Jim: A "Cyclone Boo-yah" from the "Cyclone State" to you Cramer! Along with your mention of the ongoing wireless network upgrades, and how that could positively affect Starent Networks

, do you think FiberTower will catch some of this upgrading pin-action as well? --Steve in Iowa

Cramer says: “No. Frankly, STAR is an intellectual-property play. That’s why I like it. It has better intellectual property than Cisco.”

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