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I don't understand the emphasis on your Pops and Drops analysis. What time period are you discussing-today, this week, YTD? This week even your drops rose significantly. What gives? How are we supposed to use this information?

-- Ed H. from NJ


Thanks for taking the time to write, Ed. Sorry you're frustrated with Pops and Drops; let me see if I can help.

Pops and Drops always spans one trading day. The idea behind the segment is, traders who owned these stocks at the open are either up or down a fairly signficant percentage by the close.

Now, two things to keep in mind; 1) on Fridays - Pops and Drops are for the week. 2) Every 3 months they're for the quarter. Below is a link - take another read and see if Pops and Drops makes more sense.

-- Lee Brodie

> Pops & Drops

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