Political Capital with John Harwood

Debate Focus Economics But War Is Tops For Some

It's about three hours until the GOP presidential debate and I took a quick walk around the building. Security is tight for one thing. You have to show credentials every step of the way. Lots of media as I said before: local NBC and ABC affiliates, and CNN are here. But I didn't see Fox TV. What, no Fox coverage? Maybe I just missed them or they're saving themselves for the..um..business channel?? I digress.

Outside in the back is an area bordered off for candidate supporters and protestors, with one policeman to keep watch. There's about 4 or 5 people standing and holding Fred Thompson signs and about 3 or 4 for Ron Paul. It's early yet so I'm sure more are on the way for all.

But I also saw some people holding "End The War" signs right next to the GOP supporters. They're wearing yellow T-shirts, with the same message. There are about 8 of them so far, and they too say they will have more people here by the time the debate begins.

Even though this debate is focusing on economic issues, the war in Iraq is still on people's minds. This group says that no matter what the debate's about, until the war ends, nothing else should take priority. They certainly get an argument from their GOP "counterparts" standing next to them.

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