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Debate Scorecard: What Happens Before It Begins


In case you didn't know, here's a look at the "scorecard" for the debate from the media side. The moderators are MSNBC's Chris Matthews and CNBC's Maria Bartiromo. They'll be asking questions as well as telling the debaters "Stop, you're time is up."

Asking most of the questions are two panelists: Gerald Seib who is the Washington bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal and CNBC's John Harwood--whose blog this post is in--and as I've said, that's why I'm live blogging the debate instead of John.

Before the debate begins, there will be some welcomes to the crowd from GOP state and local officials as well as an invocation, pledge of allegiance, national anthem, introductions of moderators and then the introduction of candidates. By that time the whole two hours will be up and everyone goes home. JUST KIDDING. A little blog humor there folks. You won't be seeing all that on TV. When 4 p EST comes around, the debate should be starting with just the standard TV intros to the audience at home.

The sponsors (paying the money) for the debate include: Ford Motors, General Motors, Chrysler, Mr. J.C. Huizenga, Walbridge Aldinger Company and the American Arab Chamber of Commerce. The hosts are the Michigan Republican Party and the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Two hours and counting!!

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