Mad Money

Methods to the Madness


Tonight, Cramer is letting you Home Gamers in on something special: the methods to his madness.

How does the king of Cramerica pick stocks? Everyone wants to know the answer and tonight Cramer is going to give you a piece of it. He’s letting you in on the tools of his trade because, in the end, Mad Money is about education – and Cramer’s job is to give you the ultimate insider’s perspective on how the market works and how it can make you money.

So get ready to hear some of the little tricks Cramer uses to pick out great stocks so you can trade them like a pro. But remember, as always, that these are only tells – signals a stock might be worth owning. None of these tips replace doing homework, checking the fundamentals, and making sure you know and like the story behind the stock before you buy, buy, buy.