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See What People Are Saying On Oct. 10th


I think Tim should be renamed "Sexy Seymour" as he's the hottest trader on the desk.
Dylan is pretty sexy but he's not a trader.

-- Lisa from Montana


First of all, you guys have to quit yelling during your show.  Can't you talk in a normal tone?  If we need more volume we can turn it up on our sets.  When you guys talk over each other, nothing comes through and encourages a reach for the remote.

Secondly, you got to stifle the music that you play behind each of your panelist's comments.  You're boarding on sensory overload.  You're not MTV.  If you want to be taken seriously, act it !

- Dave from New Mexico


What a discloser would wear? I think Macke got right.  A discloser would be completely bare...of assets, of course.

-- Phil

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