Mad Money

Are You Diversified?


Take a deep breath, look into Cramer’s eyes, and let him suggest to you the power of the diversified portfolio.

Cramer doesn’t care for Southwest, he said. If forced to own an airline, he’d go with United parent UAL. He’s a believer in Wachovia and Nastech, which is his speculative pick of the year. But Cramer said he would sell eBay to balance out this portfolio, even though he thinks it’s a great stock with takeover potential. Mike should pick up a defense contractor instead.

Am I Diversified?

Wells Fargo is a premier bank, Cramer said, and Lockheed Martin is “absolutely one of my favorite stocks.” Like LMT, Texas Instruments is a good buyback stock. Exxon is good, and so is Dover. “The word 'diversification' in Wikipedia has a picture of that gentleman from Maryland.”

Cramer already gave the nod to Wachovia and Lockheed Martin, RIMM is one of his Four Horsemen of Tech, and Schlumberger is another favorite. That leaves Lundin, which is Cramer’s speculative mineral play. “Fantastic!”

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