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Apple Beaming With Pride In Gore


I wrote earlier todaythat Apple would be sending along an acknowledgment of some Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize win, and the company went a big step beyond that.

Go to and you'll see that the company's usual home page has been replaced by a full page message to Gore, commending him on his achievement.

"Al has put his heart and soul, and much of his life during the past several years, into alerting and educating us all on the climate crisis. We are bursting with pride for Al and this historic recognition of his global contributions," the statement says.

I've never seen a company take such a bold step to bestow such a prideful message like this one on an individual. But Apple did precisely the right thing. Beaming pride for one of its own. Sharing that pride with the millions who visit the site every day. Al Gore: former vice president; Emmy winner; Oscar winner; Nobel Peace Prize winner; Apple director.

Have a great weekend.

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