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Making Money Across America: Seattle -- Video Roundup

“Power Lunch” is in Seattle to focus on the things that put the Pacific Northwest on the map, including the Internet and socially-conscious energy.     

Here's what some of the guests on the program are saying.

Blue Nile Chairman & CEO Mark Vadon

Blue Nile CEO

E-commerce started with books and vintage lunchboxes, but Vadon harnessed the Web to move precious jewels at cut-rate prices -- via a user friendly site and old fashioned sales ethics.

Vadon says that in 2006, did a stronger trade in engagement rings than Tiffany.

"We're just a great retailer... We worry about serving the customer, not the competition," the CEO explains.

Safeco CEO Paula Reynolds

Safely Driving Profits

Reynolds says the property and casualty insurer is "sitting in the heart of the middle class" -- and thus is protected from wild market swings and mortgage loan woes.

She also speaks about the company's "Teen-surance" Internet car monitor/remote-controller, which has caused a privacy debate -- but is proving attractive to safety conscious parents.

Puget Energy Chairman & CEO Steve Reynolds

Puget CEO

The head of Washington state's oldest and largest energy company talks about his success in making green energy profitable.

"Oil is 80-plus dollars a barrel, but the wind is free," says Reynolds. How has Puget made it pay when other generators have not?

Among other factors, he explains, "We were a first mover with wind [power]," building wind farms "large, fast and close to the center."

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