Media Money with Julia Boorstin

Al Gore Taking Next Media Step For His Cause


How many people have won a Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar. And how many people have won the former for the very movie that won them Hollywood's biggest prize? It's Al Gore's use of the media--the entertainnment of a compelling documentary and his own star power--to spread his message.

And Gore's message isn't only helping the peace process, it's also bringing in big bucks: "An Inconvenient Truth" generating nearly $50 million at the worldwide box office, and millions more in its TV and DVD distribution.

Now Gore is taking his message to the advertising market. Gore is pushing for a public $100 to $200 million dollar ad campaign on climate change--one of the biggest public service campiagns ever. He raked in the dough on "Inconvenient Truth" and now he wants to use those proceeds--plus some donations--to pay for TV, newspaper, and Internet ads, to tell people what they can do to fight climate change.

This isn't about a certain bill in Congress, it's about helping figure out what steps they as individuals can take. And Gore, never one to skimp on the content, is hiring Martin Agency, the ad company that created Geico's caveman ads.

Has Gore's winning a Nobel proven that media and entertainment is the best--or the only--way to change hearts and minds on a controversial topic?

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