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Da Bull vs. Da Bear


As if Unter Hillenmeyer weren’t busy enough making 161 tackles in the last two seasons as a linebacker for the Chicago Bears, he’s also getting his MBA at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Bull vs. Bear

Hillenmeyer, who graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2003, came on Mad Money Friday to talk stocks with Cramer. Here’s what Cramer thought of Hillenmeyer’s picks:

Las Vegas Sands : Not quite as good as Wynn , Las Vegas Sands has “extraordinary management”, Cramer said, but it’s a little “dicey.” He urged Hillenmeyer to trim a little of his position in LVS.

JetBlue : It’s the market’s equivalent of the Miami Dolphins, Cramer told Hillenmeyer. Sell it - there are just too many headwinds to ignore, he said.

NYSE Euronext : “Can you just come to the NYSE and tackle a couple of people who have been standing in the way of prosperity?” Cramer asked. The stock is hated and it can’t seem to perform, but it’s still Cramer’s stock of the year and he advised Hillenmeyer to buy more NYX below $80.

Jim's charitable trust owns NYSE Euronext.

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