Funny Business with Jane Wells

I Vent (On Ann Coulter) And You Respond!

The response to the Ann Coulter blog streams in!

From Roald M: "Miss Wells states very well what christians believe. Ann Coulter, as is her style, put christian beliefs in a way that meant to bring on discussion or comment, but believe me, was not mean spirited...Let's stop political correctness and recognize the ideas we each have deep down about the other guy's religious beliefs, they are generally spotted with error on all sides!"

From Paul Z, who gave me GREAT ADVICE on loving my neighbor (no, really, my actual neighbor): "I thought your article regarding Ann Coulter was 'Right On.' It makes me glad to see people like yourself, who can actually see the truth for what it is and make good attempts at becoming a better Christian...About your neighbor, try to think of him as that annoying brother or sister. So, love him with all your heart, but see him like a brother you only have to talk to on holidays."

From Boyd G: "Hey, Ms Wells do you think the problem you have with Ms Coulter's remarks are the fact that she takes the position that Jews are WRONG. This is a part of the problem with people who water down the standards of Christianity in an effort to be 'tolerant'...However, Jews are wrong because they 'rejected' Christ as the messiah and according to the bible if you reject Christ then you are ineligible for heaven. Now as it concerns the word 'perfected,' I think the understanding of the word 'perfected' that Ms. Coulter was working with was 'completion, not lacking anything,' so because the Jews reject Christ they have an incomplete faith..."

From SM: "I do believe that your blog was well intentioned and that you are a person who tries each day to be better...However, you acknowledge that Ms. Coulter makes these comments to sell her books and so when you comment on them you are helping her to disseminate her culture of hate."

From Julia B: "Thank you so much for writing it and voicing what many of us believers would like to say but have not the audience that you have."

Lee F. wrote an "open letter to Ann Coulter": "History records that the very first Christian was severely chastised for expressing his views nearly two millenniums ago. The influential bigots of his day raised such a public outcry, that their government turned his statements into a Capital Offence. First, those harboring prejudice induced SPIN. They reached a consensus. They agitated the masses. Then, they had Him killed...The modern-day Fanatical-Thought-Police will piously demonize you; AND, your opinion...Unlike 2000 years ago, today's good people may instead brave the intimidation and demonstrate their decency and their civility by speaking up on your behalf..."

From Dave in PA: "We all need to understand that expressions like these will become more prevalent as the Bible-thumping pseudo-Republicans (double-dash!!!) fall out of favor with mainstream American thinking. Without controversy, people like her would have to go back to wearing sheets and having secret handshakes."

From Dave J: "I watched the Donny Deutsch program you wrote about and must confess to being disappointed with the approach Ann Coulter took in her discussion about this with Donny. It's really the essence of the point you make in your piece...we've all fallen short and are in (desperate) need of God's grace and mercy and forgiveness. Unfortunately, that's not the path that Ann took when responding to Donny."

By the way, in the blog I mentioned that my good intentions from Sunday's sermon usually evaporate by 9:05 am Monday morning, when I revert back to my gossipy, judgmental self (and you thought Fake Jane was fake). So at 9:09 am this morning, Mike Huckman emails me, "I'm 4 minutes late but let's dish!" Well, dish we did. And you can probably figure out today what the major topic of conversation has's not Ann Coulter.

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