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IBM Earnings: What You Should Expect (Pt 3)


Here's part three of my outlook for tech earnings this week: IBM might be the dark horse suitor to step in and snap BEA Systems right out from under Oracle . That could come up on the company's conference call.

But the company's report should be a kind of steady-Eddy report. If the company agrees with the optimistic comments from Cisco's John Chambers recently, than the report should be kind of strong, even though there have been some indications that IT spending may suffer a slowdown in 2008.

The question for the company: how slow, and exactly when? Seems the experts are expecting that IT slowdown in the U.S., but not necessarily overseas, so it may not even affect IBM. That could make for an interesting conference call indeed.

Stay with us all day Tuesday. I love this time of the quarter.

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