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Lightning Round: Morningstar, Blackstone, VMware and More


Morningstar : One of the best-run companies in the country, Cramer said. It practically owns the entire space of mutual fund advising and it isn’t too expensive.

Blackstone : Cramer could see BX going to $30, but he would sell it there.

Sandisk : This is a tough one, Cramer said. He thinks the quarter will be good, but he’s afraid to recommend it because there could also be more downgrades.

Fifth Third Bank : Between the Canadian and Spanish banks, Cramer thinks FTB could get a buyer. “I want to own that stock.”

Sonic : It’s cheap, it’s got a great business model and it is shareholder friendly. Other than some raw cost issues, Sonic is a good one, Cramer said.

Netgear :Cisco is best of breed, according to Cramer. “Why go down when you could go up?”

Infosys : Currency issues are killing it and Cramer doesn’t think it works here.

Audiovox : “Nothing there.” If you want mobile products, Cramer prefers Nokia and now Motorola for Carl Icahn’s involvement.

VMware : Owning VMW is like playing with fire, Cramer said. Why not take the more conservative course and buy EMC ? He sees much less downside there.

Caterpillar : This stock is less levered to housing than people will let themselves believe, Cramer said. It’s mostly an industrial mining and minerals play. “I’m not backing away!”

Alvaron : Again, Cramer would rather be in Nokia or Motorola in the mobile space.

Jim's charitable trust owns Caterpillar and EMC.

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