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Nielsen Expands Tracking For Online, Cell Phones

You may know Nielsen for its TV ratings, but the company also tracks all your entertainment consumption online. Today, Nielsenis announcing two new divisions--Nielsen Online and Nielsen Mobile--to give more detailed analysis of how people are spending their time and their money online and on their mobile phones.

These new units will expand upon Nielsen/NetRatings and BuzzMetrics, to track how people consume media, professional and consumer generated online and on their phones, and how people travel between different sites and media.

The real opportunity here is tracking mobile business--ads, media consumption, mobile commerce. Until now this has been an under-tracked industry. Nielsen recently acquired Telephia, which provides consumer research on the mobile and telecom market, which will help it better figure out just how big mobile and telecom potential is.

This is promising news for mobile advertising--now just $5 billion worldwide (most of that outside the U.S.), compared to $350 billion spent on phones and services. The more information there is about a medium, the more useful and attractive that medium is to advertisers. Nielsen's new data will be a boon for the medium, which means more ad revenue for telcom wireless carriers like Verizon ,Sprint , tMobile, as well as those media companies--from Viacom to Time Warner , and Disney --who will be using ads to support their content on your phone.

Also, it happens that tomorrow Nielsen's first COMMERCIAL ratings for the fall season will come out. We expect the same shows to stay in the top 10, but we're sure to see the order of those shows shake up. Nielsen's data about how many people watch shows on DVR and watch commercials has revolutionized ad buying.

Now buyers know exactly who's watching a show after it's initially aired, and when. Now we'll be watching to see how all this new info bolsters the ad market.

Below are four parts, in order, of my interview with Susan Whiting from Neilsen. They're short so don't worry, they're a good listen.

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