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Ann Coulter: More Of Your Email Replies


More email from readers on my blog Mondayover Ann Coulter's comments on Christians and Jews.

From Michael C: "I think you have come close to articulating the views of a sizable contingent - we'll call them the Silent Majority. These are folks who believe in Christ and just try to get through each day without doing too much damage to themselves or others - and perhaps, on a good day, being able to do a few kindnesses along the way."

From Leslie J: "Why is it that Christians who have these outrageous ideas are the ones who are portrayed for millions to see?"

From Buccaneer: "Whenever I hear or read that some Christians are narrow minded, intolerent bigots, there's always a qualifier; 'but not me!' And then I hear essentially 'And I'm just trying to get through day to day for myself.' Somewhere in there you usually get 'and I'm still a sinner' and the bromide 'Christians aren't perfect, only forgiven' which implies 'we're better anyway, so there.' Self-centered, and self-interested. Christians haven't the courage to look at themselves as a whole and see themselves as a dominant group, who regularly act and encourage intolerance (Methodists and Gay ordination, Baptists against the whole advancement of anything past the 19th Century, Catholics looking at turning back the clock to the Latin Mass so that mystery and fear are regained over the congregation). 'Oh, but that's people! Not God!' People run the organizations, and are His representatives...You can't claim that that is a persecuted group at all with Trent Lott, George W. Bush and all leading the way. You're all in it, whether you like it or not."

From Arthur K: "Just as you cannot speak for all Christians, I cannot speak for all Jews. But as a Jew, I simply want to say Thank you."

From Janay G. of (a group I visited firsthand in Kenya, an extremely worthy cause): "Ann Coulter doesn't speak for me either. But you do! Thanks for writing that piece."

Gene of "South Jersey/Florida": "I, too, am a Christian, considering myself 'under construction.' Construction is only completed when we leave this world. I have been ashamed to claim my Christianity publicly after statements by Jim Baker and his compatriots in the 'my way or the highway' groups. Hang in there..."

From Mark G: "Ms. Coulter and her ilk may robe themselves in the name of Jesus right now,..only God can judge the heart of each of us to know what is true, but I don't think He will be very pleased with those who have so dishonored His Name."

From James B: "You hit the proverbial nail on the head in so many ways..."

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