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Ron Paul and Me: The Family Political "Connection"

Republican Candidate Ron Paul

Nothing like TV to bring a family closer together. I appeared this morning on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" (see clip below) and, among other things, discussed my ongoing dialogue with followers of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

That discussion prompted an email this morning from one of my first cousins, who lives in Mississippi. It turns out that his son--an exceptionally bright, decent and gentle young man attending college in Nashville--is himself a Ron Paul devotee and campaign volunteer.

Perhaps my second cousin's political activities (the son of my first cousin is my second cousin, right? or is it second nephew?) can serve as a small emblem to Team Paul that I am not hostile to their candidate. Of course, it could be that my second cousin (haven't spoken to him about this yet) is furious at me over the CNBC online poll controversy!

Stay tuned!

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