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Rove, Schumer, Levin, Blakeman: My Conspiracy Theory?


Those of us who cover politics in Washington are constantly trying to figure out what we DON'T know. Seeing a huddle of strange bedfellows instantly sets off our alarms that something remarkable could be happening.

So I had a decision to make in the waiting lounge of LaGuardia Airport yesterday afternoon. I had interviewed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on our program Power Lunch and was preparing to fly home on the Delta Shuttle. Though the interview took place at the posh Four Seasons restaurant, I hadn't actually eaten lunch--and so was sitting down with an airport chicken wrap.

I glanced up and suddenly saw four people I recognized standing together, in conversation. They were two influential Democratic senators--Chuck Schumer of New York and Carl Levin of Michigan--and two Republicans with impeccable Bush administration connections--longtime Bush strategist Karl Rove and former White House aide Brad Blakeman.

Chicken wrap, or reporting opportunity? I compromised, inhaling half the wrap before ambling over to check out their conversation in progress.

"So are these the secret peace talks?" I asked. "You know what we're talking about?" Rove replied. "Stamps." Hmmm......

By the way, here's my interview with Speaker Pelosi.

Speaker in the House

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