Funny Business with Jane Wells

Ann Coulter: One Last Email Go Round??


One final (?) batch of emails on my post Monday regarding Ann Coulter:

From Steven S:
"My far right Christian friends tend to subscribe to 'Dispensationalism.' You may find George Bush in this camp... If you're familiar with it, that might make Ann seem less deranged. Dispensationalism suggests, to me, that adherents think that they know the mind of God. The last set of people to believe that were the Gnostics. Where did they get us?

From Richard G:
"You say, '...Christians aren’t perfected anything.' God's word says,'We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.' - Colossians 1:28"

From Ken H:
"Bravo Jane. I think you conveyed it 'perfectly.' Also, I agree about your assessment about how it's all about really selling the book. Keep up the good work, and don't worry about that neighbor, I'm sure he's not all the happy with you either."

From Rick S:
"Ann Coulter is right; about everything. Like every who writes on a blog airing their point of view, responding to something that offends them, or huffing at someone else's opinion that does not agree with their own, she is right. Everyone is right; in their own minds."

From Wanda A:
"Ann Coulter is a Christian hypocrite. She preaches hatred, she is not humble, she does not forgive, she is intolerant. Her banter and discourse sends people recoiling from the very thought of Christianity. Shame on her, she is an embarrassment to Christianity. She is not a person that I will give any of my hard earned money to or time in the future. But I will pray for her..."

From B:
"Until the human race comes to a consensus about who God is, we will forever be at war...I believe Ms. Coulter mistakenly used the word 'Perfected' instead of the word 'Completed.' I am a Jew who happens to believe in Yeshua (Jesus). Knowing first hand the experience and the role that the Jewish people play in God''s plan and in world history, I'm convinced that faith in Yeshua is the pinnacle of the Jewish experience. It is what being Jewish is all about! Therefore, not I, but many of my fellows refer to themselves as 'Completed Jews.' I think that that's what Ann Coulter meant."

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