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Citigroup Vs. JPMorgan


JPMorgan (JPM) showed up Citigroup (C) Wednesday with earnings that were far more impressive. CNBC’s Charlie Gasparino has the latest.

Neither stock is doing particularly well. However, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon seems to be doing a better job controlling costs, says Dylan Ratigan.

Chuck Prince took over a company that was already reeling under the guidance of Sandy Weill says Gasparino. Subsequently, Citi’s problems are not entirely Prince’s fault.

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But isn’t 4 years enough time for Chuck Prince to prove himself, asks Karen Finerman. (She doesn’t buy it.)

Gasparino adds that speculation is growing inside Citigroup that Chuck Prince will lose his job, very soon. Part of the problem, he says, is that the alternatives aren’t there.

Guy Adami recommends buying Citi if the company fires Chuck Prince.

Jeff Macke says, “Citibank is coyote ugly and any investor who sets foot in it, will end up chewing off their entire hand.”

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