Donald Trump on 'The Billionaire Inside'

Real estate developer and Trump Organization Chairman Donald Trump appeared on CNBC's "The Billionaire Inside" to offer his unique perspective on what it takes to be a tycoon.

Following are some excerpts from Trump's appearance.

Billionaire Inside/Trump's Life Lessons

Trump's Life Lessons

Trump tells the audience to never give up! It's the one rule to live by.


Billionaire Inside/Real Estate

Trump on Real Estate

The developer gives advice on what it takes to successfully invest in real estate.


Billionaire Inside/The Millionaire Mindset

Millionaire Mindset

Trump says business requires you to be competitive and gives advice on getting the psychological edge.


Billionaire Inside/The Millionaire Skill Set

Sharpening the Skill Set

Trump reveals some of the secrets behind creating and running a successful business.


Billionaire Inside/Be An Entrepreneur

Being an Entrepreneur

The dealmaker gives advice to a member of the studio audience and says: Always be true to yourself.