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Coke Captures 5M New Customers


Coca-Cola just reported a strong quarter thanks to international growth, and with the Beijing Olympics on the horizon, Chief Financial Officer Gary Fayard said next year should be “phenomenal.”

Coca-Cola's International Growth

Especially if the Special Olympics is any indication. Also held in China, this year’s event had better-attended opening ceremonies than both the Atlanta and Athens Olympics, the CFO said.

Coca-Cola hadn’t always been so strong overseas, but Fayard said the company owned up to that fact and took the problem head on. A lot of previously weak areas like Japan, India and the Philippines turned around this quarter. “They’ll never all be right, but we’re making a lot of good progress,” Fayard said.

Fayard explained to Cramer that 80% of Coca-Cola’s business comes from outside the U.S., thanks to the urbanization of China and India, the increasing wealth in emerging markets and the rise of a middle class there. All this has helped Coke capture 5 million new customers.

Fayard and Cramer had an interesting chat during Mad Money’s trip down to Georgia Tech. Be sure to watch the whole video.

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