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Lightning Round: Palm, Macy's, IBM and More


RBC Bearings : Cramer gave ROLL “one thumb up,” calling the ball-bearing maker a “plain, vanilla company.” He said RBC Bearings is a don’t buy.

Palm : “I think Palm is really scary, and I don’t trust it.” Cramer said Palm is “poorly managed and poorly run.” He’d rather see investors in Research in Motion .

Lightning Round

Macy’s : The stock is low, and it seems cheap, but there’s no way Cramer is going to recommend a retailer right now, he said. “I think Macy’s is just too dicey. I am too worried about the American consumer.”

IBM : IBM used to be one of Cramer’s favorite stocks in the Dow, he said, but the company admitted on its latest conference call that this summer’s financial woes cut into the business, specifically product orders. IBM “has to take a backseat” for now. : One Georgia Tech student wanted to know if he should take some money invested in Google and put it into Baidu. Cramer said that’d be a bad idea because the Chinese web portal is just too risky. Cramer reiterated his recommendation that investors who haven’t already sold at least enough BIDU to cover their investments should do so.

Investools : Cramer called Investools’ revenues “awesome,” but the profits aren’t there, he said. He can’t pull the trigger on SWIM.

Wachovia : “Wachovia Bank is a buy.”

Altria : With the company spinning off its high-growth outfit Philip Morris International, leaving a domestic company with a high-yield, Altria is a buy as far as Cramer is concerned. The fact that MO is supposed to announce the biggest buyback in history some time in the next three months doesn’t hurt either.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Altria.

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