Tobias Aide: Hedge Fund Manager Was Murdered

Scott Cohn

An assistant to hedge fund manager Seth Tobias, who died suddenly last month at age 44, told CNBC he has evidence that Tobias was murdered.

Tobias, who founded Circle T Partners and was a frequent guest on CNBC, was found dead on Labor Day weekend in the swimming pool at his home near Palm Beach, Florida.

At the time, a family member said Tobias' death was apparently a heart attack. But six weeks later, the death is still under investigation.

A police spokesman in Jupiter, Florida, told CNBC the death is not classified as suspicious but investigators are awaiting toxicology results.

Bill Ash, who said he was Tobias' assistant, told CNBC he had taped proof that Tobias was a murder victim and said he has been working with police.

"I think I'm doing more for Seth than anyone as far as trying to right a wrong," said Ash.

Police said they interviewed Ash at his home in San Diego after he came forward with information. They noted that Ash has a checkered past. Ash acknowledged to CNBC that his record includes arrests for prostitution and writing bad che

Meantime, Tobias' wife is engaged in a legal battle with his four brothers over the estate, estimated to be worth at least $25 million

Attorneys for both sides declined to comment but Ash is scheduled to give a deposition in the estate battle on Monday.

The $87 million fund manged by Tobias is being liquidated, according to an attorney for the fund. Two other Circle-T funds run by other managers remain intact.