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Google: Making A Pretty Penny


Google has got to be one of the most talked about stocks in Silicon Valley if not all of Wall Street. If you’re an investor who owns the stock, chances are you made a pretty penny. But did you make as much as Charlie Ayers?

CNBC Silicon valley Bureau Chief Jim Goldman joined the panel. Following are excerpts from his report.

Charlie Ayers, employee number 53 at Google, joined the company as its first chef, back in 1999 “It was the coolest and weirdest place I have ever worked, “ says Ayers. “It was part brain trust, part frat house, and part ongoing party!”

Insane Google Wealth

Since then, the search engine giant has grown-up somewhat. Google now employs almost 15,000 workers and its stock is up 600% since it went public 3 years ago. Beyond that, Google is worth nearly $200 billion; and founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page tied for number 5 on the Forbes list with $19 billion each.

In fact, there are a substantial number of people that are either a part of the Google organization or beneficiary to the Google effect.

There’s the operator who runs the 32-biodiesel buses that make up Google's free, San Francisco Bay area shuttle service for its workers. And there’s the high-end specialty foods provider that sells ingredients to the company's cafeteria....

You’ll find newly minted millionaires inside and outside the company, just like chef Charlie Ayers. His 40,000 shares are worth a cool $26 million. “I did pretty well for someone who wears an apron,” Ayers says.

Today he’s getting ready to open his own restaurant, and release his own line of cookbooks. And he's one of thousands of millionaires the company created inside Google's hallowed halls.

Google: Making A Pretty Penny

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