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Joe Torre: I Still Think Yankee Deal Was A Good One


After listening to Joe Torre's press conference today, I have to say that I'm a bit confused.

He admitted that the job was enough pressure as it is, but then said he didn't need the pressure that came along with the bonuses. He admitted that his salary was boosted by wins, but apparently wasn't willing to take the pay cut when he didn't live up to expectations.

The public for the most part will fall sympathetic for Joe Torre if not only because the way things played out. The Yankees brass made the announcement on the phone and a sometimes emotional Joe did an hour and fifteen minute in person farewell in front of all the cameras.

But I still believe that Joe Torre's deal was a good one.

Sure, people will say that Torre didn't deserve this pay-per-performance plan. After all, the players don't get paid whether they bat .250 or .350 in a given season. But in a way they do. They get paid for how well they did in their contract years. And this was a contract year for Joe Torre.

Instead of saying he didn't deserve this, if he really wanted the job he should have just worried about what happens on the field. Not the length of the contract. You think that if Torre had two great years, they'd still be looking for the next guy? No chance.

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